Welcome to Cerapadus Server

IMPORTANT INFO: This is a service for SecOps, SysAdmins & Activists, NOT for CP fuckery

Cerapadus is a IRC Server hosted with the aim of providing people who fight for a better world with one more way of secure communication.
Information need to be free
We do NOT accept or tolerate any kind of CP or abuse.

You can access by tor using the following address:

Plain Text: anon3vukb6poutg6.onion // Port: 1937
SSL (Preferred): anon3vukb6poutg6.onion // Port: 1936 // Accept Self-Signed Cert

HowTo Connect with IRSSI
HowTo Connect with Hexchat
HowTo Connect with Tor

[Updated!]You can access by i2p using the following address:

Web: http://cerapadus.i2p = http://zroed2cxga5zeuu6rcvmp2yfi77nzduw7yhdplbeuqkuyxwbrzaq.b32.i2p

IRC SSL: ircssl.cerapadus.i2p:1936 = 4x2i745i4w52ss3he2kse6tzwt64pr62yvrcb72lgvrb63fup6ea.b32.i2p:1936

IRC plain text: irc.cerapadus.i2p:1937 = e4ckznxcxvgyikzjmjsu72i2dbj2d76ogexyukklbjvpcnhp6zzq.b32.i2p:1937

Other services from Cerapadus

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We accept donations BTC on: 1CMbY1mZp7kmnxGcBmWLGQzMGwpYktkTqT

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